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Evolution Yoga retreats-A whole new dimension of well-being for your body and mind


I feel so energetic every morning after completing my Hatha yoga session and I have no words to express my gratitude to Evolution Retreats team. –
Mr. Amit Gehlot,
Director, Ambience Group.


No task seems to be herculean to me and I know it’s real secret, Hatha yoga that I practice daily and my list of achievements is soaring much to my delight. Thank you Evolution Retreats for making me join the retreat.
– Ms. Anna,
CEO, Openeyes Project, Spain


I keep a tab on upcoming retreats of Evolution Retreats as the location, the modules and pranic food they serve are beyond adulation-
Mr. Jaideep Mishra,
Economic Times.


I and my wife were one of first few who attended Kriya Yoga retreat in Bandhavgarh. We never in our dreams had thought of the profundity with which it was delivered. We got to learn a lot and we could improve upon our health a lot.
– Amitabh Singh
( ex. bureaucrat, Gov of India).


It was a wonderful experience as I almost immediately experience relief in my back pain and the body opened up. I would like to do it again and again. –
Joanne Wing Yan Chiu,


Yoga to take care of your energy aspect is like a fairy tale, but seeing it happen in front of you is like a dream. I was amazed by the way the programme was delivered and felt completely rejuvenated.
Nurit Kurk,


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