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Shiva Walks 

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From imagination comes our vision of the world, our vision of our future, and most importantly our vision of ourselves, who we are and where we want to be.

Tuning with Prakriti (nature) and letting your imagination flow would be the key objective of Shiva walks~

We are constantly running and restless. And in this continuous race to be somewhere there is a lot that is being lost. Many people today find that their lives are empty of creative self-expression and lacking fulfilment. They don’t feel fully alive and the lifestyle that they live is far from fulfilling. The known holds lesser and lesser meaning and they long for something unknown.

Shiva Walks is an attempt to unfold the unknown dimension in certain energy spaces.

It is a way to develop creativity, alertness and awareness of the higher stages and possibilities of human life.
For those people who have always known they have something more to learn, more to give and more to know in their life, Shiva walks will open up their inner dimensions and show them the way.


Spirituality is the essence of life and we don’t want anybody to miss the nectar. Yogi’s of the yester years thrived to create possibilities for the common population to get connected with the spiritual realm and therefore they created ways and means to establish that connect. Temples are one of those technologies. An energy space which is established in such a way that if you just know the right technique you can connect directly.

We organize spiritual sojourn across India to explore some very powerful and consecrated spaces and to use the right ways to access those spaces. We conduct in North India, Central India and South India.

These sojourns are a wonderful opportunity to bask in the grace of divine and explore the inner dimension through various yogic processes which are a part of the whole journey.


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