Align your energies with Hatha Yoga. Enter the gateway to holistic well-being with a master who has over 10 years of experience.

The destination will be the pristine natural beaches and greens of Andamans, the scenic hills of Pangot or amidst the wilderness of Gir & Bandhavgarh. Their high ether content makes them conducive to tapping into your inner energies.

Should you wish to participate in the program, do write to us or sign up for our value letter and we will keep you updated.

Monthly Schedule


Date Hatha Yoga Retreat Meditation Retreat Shiva Walks
November 2017 17-19 Sariska Jageshwar 30 Nov – 03 Dec
December 2017 23-28 Sasan Gir Jageshwar 21 Dec – 24
January 2018 06-13 Andamans Varanasi Jan 26-28


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