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Turiya, The Meditation Retreat

According to Goraksh Sidha Siddhant there are five states of consciousness. Wakefulness, Dream, Sleep, Turiya and the Fifth one. The fifth one doesn’t hold significance as it is beyond existence. Turiya is the state which is beyond the first three and referred to as the state of meditativeness. Human life is endeavored towards experiencing Turiya.

Meditation cannot be done, it can only dawn upon you. The only thing we can do about getting into meditation is to create the right condition. In this retreat we will expound everything about meditation. There will be an opportunity to do various kinds of meditation with the right kind of atmosphere.

Creation has given us 114 doors to peep in to it. Once you you know the knack of doing that you can easily go into meditativeness. The technique towards these 114 doors is compiled in Vignyan Bhairava Tantra and we will be exploring few which will be very suitable according to the gathering.



Wellness and meditation retreats are designed to purify the body and mind and take you to a different level of ease and experience. Meditation is a state of ultimate ease.

  1. Complete detox of body and mind.
  2. Creating a doorway towards realising your true self.
  3. Getting in touch with your true nature of blissfulness and joy.
  4. Increased happiness quotient.
  5. Ability to handle professional and social issues with ease and efficiency.


This is a residential program of 3 nights & 4 days, this is announced on a regular basis to the participants.

The group sizes are usually small. Usually, it would take place in places such as Van Serai, Jageshwar (Uttarakhand).

Should you wish to participate in the program, do write to us or sign up for our value letter and we will keep you updated.


1. Is this a meditation retreat?
A. Yes, and we are also going to change your diet and routine.

2. What kind of meditation you will teach?
A. All meditations are based on the movement of life force energy. These aspects are tuned as per the present generation and purpose. So, we have compiled our routine as per the requirement of today’s human beingand have origin from various traditions.

3. How will meditation help me with my physical ailment?
A. If your vehicle cannot move straight, you will have problem moving on a straight road. Your distorted life force energy results in your physical and mental ailment. Once it starts moving in the right direction your disease will get eased.

4. I don’t have any physical and mental problem; why do I need to do meditation?
A. A musk deer runs around its whole life looking for the source of the fragrance of musk. The more it runs the less the fragrance reaches its nostrils. But then it runs more! Sometime it needs to just sit and it will drip in the ecstasy of musk. You are running for your wellbeing and your ultimate wellbeing is in meditation.
There is another aspect of meditation which we will explore; efficiency enhancement and fundamental capacity building.

5. Meditation is for old people?
A. When you have maximum energy then you can explore more depths. We will explore certain techniques which the most fit person in the world will find difficult.


Before this programme we want you to change your diet completely and get on to a process which you will be sent directly. These changes need to be brought a week before the programme.


The activities during the retreat will help you open up the world that you have ignored around you.

The activities can be:

  1. Bird & Wildlife Watching
  2. Treks and Hikes to Jhakar Saem & Vriddha Jageshwar
  3. Tree and plant-life appreciation
  4. Lessons to learn wholesome Satvik Food Cooking
  5. Folk & Yogic Lore
  6. Bonfires
  7. Visit to the local village to understand the ancient wisdom of survival
  8. Shiva Temples & Local Architecture
  9. Connect through activities with the 5-elements in nature

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