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Evolution Yoga retreats-A whole new dimension of well-being for your body and mind



No mechanical object can function properly without alignment. Your vehicle, your gadget and even your gas stove works only when their mechanics are aligned. In that respect our body is also a mechanical object and needs alignment.

Our problems be it mental or physical, happens, just because of improper alignment of our system. Now the real question is, what is the correct alignment of our physical system?

Life on earth has happened because of certain alignment of the Sun, moon and earth in our solar system. Now to be perfectly in tune with life we need to align ourselves to the solar geometry and further the cosmic geometry.

Hatha Yoga is a technology to achieve this alignment.


Hatha yoga is a very powerful medium to bring about a drastic transformation in the physical and mental system. We reveal some of those powerful methodologies.

  1. For getting relief from chronic physical ailments, there is no parallel to hatha yoga.
  2. Hatha yoga is a very proven technique to give tangible result in your mental distress and issues.
  3. Capability enhancement and capacity building is commonly associated with hatha yoga.
  4. You can reduce your ageing process tremendously.
  5. You can take charge of your life in your hand.


This is a residential program of 4 nights & 5 days, this is announced on a regular basis to the participants.

The group sizes are usually medium. Usually, it would take place in places such as Sasan Gir (Gujarat) & Bandhavgarh (Madhya Pradesh).

Should you wish to participate in the program, do write to us or sign up for our value letter and we will keep you updated.



1. I am not that flexible. Can I participate?
A. Hatha Yoga is about alignment, not necessarily flexibility. And we are not in competition with someone else. Infact you will be greatly benefitted so its compulsory for you.

2. Is it tough as I am above 60?
A. If you have a body, it’s for you. Hatha Yoga is not tough and easy, it’s just about the knack of physical geometry.

3. I am suffering from many ailments. Will I be able to do this programme?
A. Yes, and you might come out of many of your problems.

4. I have got this feedback that Hatha Yoga is tough and we need regular massage to come out of our pain. Do you have arrangements for that?
A. If you want to stretch your limits we will give you the relevant guidelines; even for massage.

5. Does your programme have any other things apart from Yogasanas?
A. Yes, hatha yoga is using the sun and moon aspect of your physical system as a ladder towards your ultimate wellbeing. This sun and moon aspect is manifested in the body, mind, emotions and energies. We will have Pranayama, Dhaarna, Meditation, and various activities like trekking, camp fire etc.


This is a very intensive programme and we want that you sail through. Therefore a 10 day preparation is required which incorporate dietary changes and certain specialized practices which will be mailed to individuals.


The activities during the Hatha Yoga Retreat other than the Yogic practices will be really helpful.

The activities can be:

  1. Wildlife Safaris
  2. Treks and Hikes around the jungle
  3. Native Trees, plant life and their uses
  4. Wholesome Satvik Food Cooking Lessons
  5. Yogic Lore & Discourses
  6. Bonfires & Outdoor Experiences
  7. Local village visits to experience the ancient wisdom of survival & spirituality
  8. Cleansing of 5-elements




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