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Monsoon is the time when our Jathar-Agni is very low. Agni is the transformative force and Jathar is the digestive transformation. This Jathar has a direct link with Sun. So, because of the lack of Sun in this season the digestive power is low. Therefore it is recommended that in this season we should take easily digestible meal. In this season we need to avoid green leafy vegetables. Large grains may be avoided or be made in to light digestible form.

One recipe to increase heat and is easily digestible :
1. Moong sprout – 100gm
2. Horse gram (kulth) sprout – 20gm
3. Iceberg lettuce – Two bowl size leaves
4. Walnut paste – one table-spoon.
5. Extra virgin olive oil – 2 table spoons
6. One lemon juice
7. Lemon Zest
8. Black pepper – 10 corns
9. One big tomato
Method ;
Dice one tomato in to smaller pieces. with the help of hand make smaller pieces of one lettuce leaves.
mix all the gram, tomato and lettuce together.
Prepare a dressing with walnut paste, olive oil, crushed pepper and lemon juice.
Pour the dressing in the mix and add lemon zest. Toss the mix well.
Serve in one chilled lettuce leaf.

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