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Evolution Yoga retreats-A whole new dimension of well-being for your body and mind



Fundamentally, “wellbeing” means being in tune with existence. In the hurly-burly of city life, we have distanced ourselves from the existence, both internally as well as externally due to which disease and stress are natural outcomes.

We live life but totally miss the beauty of life. It’s because we don’t pay enough attention to the source of beauty. You are the source of beauty and to bring you back to yourself, we came up with Evolution Retreats.

These retreat programs are held in the Pristine natural spaces like Jageshwar and Pangot regions of Himalayas. These mountains are not just mountains but the peaks reaching out to divine. The mystical nature of these marvelous mountains make them best suitable for yoga and meditation.

Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve is another perfect example of expression of divine procreation as a smug of richness of flora and fauna and also as an ecstasy of stillness. Looking at the same aliveness and etheric distinction that this place offers, this place boasting its caliber of being a perfect abode of yoga.

We at Evolution organize Yoga Retreats in these naturally consecrated spaces with live technologies with a historical lineage which has the power to completely transform your mind and body.

To experience Evolution in its profoundness and the nature around through the sense of inclusiveness we would also offer Yogic Kriyas, Meditations, Wildlife safaris infusing the colors of cultures, sacred walks and roping in other adventure activities.

The program embellishes its uniqueness through ayurvedic massages and “Pranic Food Kitchen’ with organic food.

Come bask in the grace!
1. Customised Programmes
2. Most retreats will begin on a Sunday and end on the following Saturday.


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