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Evolution Yoga retreats-A whole new dimension of well-being for your body and mind



The most important thing a person can do in his life is to help the other life reach to his/her ultimate well-being. Through evolution we have devoted ourselves to the well-being of each and every life.

The Sanskrit word for health is ‘swasthya’. This word literally means,” stabilized within himself”. The real health is achieved only one gets established within himself. This has always been the most revered aspect in this culture.

Whatever the achievement of life, but a time comes in the lives of every individual where he/she wants to transcend. This culture always kept transcendence as the highest goal of life. No matter what you do but consciously or unconsciously you must move towards the ultimate well-being. This yogic culture was weaved in such fashion. We have lost most of that understanding over time.

Through Evolution we are trying to revive the most intelligent way to conduct our life. We want that it gets revived to its real glory.


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