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Evolution Yoga retreats-A whole new dimension of well-being for your body and mind


The whole creation is a play of five elements and our state of being completely depends upon the state of these five elements. At the Evolution Programme, any process, be it treatment, rejuvenation, yoga etc addresses ultimately these five elements called pancha bhuta. If we assimilate the essence of Bhuta Shuddhi (purification of five elements) in Ayurvedic Treatment and Massages, we can reach a whole new dimension of well being.

Energy flow happens in our body through specific channels called Nadis. There are 72,000 nadis in our body. The point where these channels meet are called chakras. Of the 114 chakras, 112 are inside the body and 2 are just a little outside. Every chakra is associated with few aspects of our life and has a specific energy flow.

Massage is a technology to open and close a particular chakra apart from doing the elemental purification. Moreover Siddha recognizes 10 important channels of vital energy flow and many important points called Marma. A whole science has been established called Marma Shastra to use these technologies and address human well-being in a very advanced way.

We open up a whole new way of Ayurvedic Therapies and Massages in the form of:









Mukha Lepanam

Padha Abhyanga

Kalari Marma Massage


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