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Evolution Yoga retreats-A whole new dimension of well-being for your body and mind


Evolution, as the name says is our true endeavor. Coming out our zest to pour out; this project started two years back with Mohit Aggarwal and Rajeev Ranjan discussing life across the table. Both of them touched the core of life in their own ways and had this desperation to share it with people towards the intention to help them.

Mohit a renowned naturalist with the prestigious tag of one of the finest knowledge head in the realm of birds in the world has also one of the oldest  running tourism firm by the name of Asian Adventures. Whereas Rajeev devoted his whole life in exploring the mechanics of life with some serious jewels to distribute. They immediately found the tune and Evolution started to take shape.

In 2015 we started working towards giving it a concrete attire and slowly we connected it with the tourism. So tourism and wellness got integrated and we designed programmes towards it. Now we are offering different aspects of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Swara Yoga, Kriya Yoga,  Yoga therapy and along with it we have integrated, spiritual sojourn, nature trek and connect etc. These programmes are offered at various places across India.

Our purpose is to revive the real essence of Yoga with hastening the transformational aspects so that the value gets re-established. People get tangible results and the whole generation evolve to a higher state.



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