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Evolution Yoga retreats-A whole new dimension of well-being for your body and mind

Your Take Away

  • This is one life and we want to live it meaningfully, with fulfilment in every respect.
  • Evolution Yoga retreats will deliver tools that you will adopt and vouch for your happiness, clarity and systematic living
  • A whole new dimension of well-being for your body and mind

Welcome to Evolution

The inclusive nature of existence holds everything in the cosmos together. In trying to be exclusive humans have made a disaster of themselves. Suffering has become synonymous with humans be it physical, mental or otherwise.
The only solution is getting back in synchronization with existence.
But how?
We at evolution retreats are offering the Yogic technologies which are alive and has a lineage of more than 10,000 years starting right from Adi Yogi. These are methods which get you in sync with existence and evolve life beyond the immediate realm.
These programme are offered at undisturbed natural spaces where the etheric content is maximum in the atmosphere which enhances the awareness of the inclusive nature of this existence. We also charge the programme place with consecrated energies for the grace element to be available optimally.


Latest Blog

  • The death of Narakasura

    The death of Narakasura

    The story goes like this. When Vishnu was incarnated as a boar(varaha avtara) he rescued hiranya(gold) an aspect of Lakshmi from the earth and Narakasura born out of them.

  • The Dynamic Wealth – Lakshmi

    The Dynamic Wealth – Lakshmi

    The universe thrives on the principle of expansion. The moment the expansion stops there is death. The force of expansion is a conscious force. Since the force is conscious it can be invoked and characterized. This characterization is named as Lakshmi. On the contrary the recession is Alakshmi. Lakshmi can get you wealth and power whereas death is associated with Alakshmi.

  • Mahalaya – Navratri

    Mahalaya – Navratri

    Laya in Sanskrit literally means rhythm and Maha is great. So mahalaya is great rhythm. Which great rhythm are we talking about? Every living and nonliving thing in this universe is governed by certain rhythm or cycle. Like the rotational […]





    Venue: Van Serai, Jageshwar, Uttarakhand, India    Date: September 28 to October 01, 2017   The retreat is about preparing you to get into the state of stillness. Physical cleansing with Shatkarma and mental cleansing with cathartic meditation will bring […]

  • SHIVA WALKS – Haridwar & Rishikesh

    SHIVA WALKS – Haridwar & Rishikesh

    Venue: Rishikesh & Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India Date: 25 – 27 September Shiva Walks is a humble effort to help you experience the energy of ancient consecrated places. Understand who is Shiva? The name ‘Shiva’ denotes ’that which is not’, is […]

  • SHIVA WALKS – Jageshwar June Retreat

    SHIVA WALKS – Jageshwar June Retreat

    Venue: Van Serai Wellnes Lodge, Jageshwar Date Jun 29 – Jul 02 Shiva Walks is a humble effort to help you experience the energy of ancient consecrated places. Understand who is Shiva? the name ‘Shiva’ denotes ’that which is not’, […]


What our guests have to say

  • What our guests have to say

    What our guests have to say

    Taking the opportunity offered by Mr. Mohit Aggarwal of Asian Adventures to visit Magpie Cottage located near Kotdwar, I was introduced to first level of Yoga. A must visit place for all age groups. Mr. Rakesh Anand, Anand Electro Projects Pvt. Ltd., Greater Noida, 10 October 2016

    I feel so energetic every morning after completing my Hatha yoga session and I have no words to express my gratitude to Evolution Retreats team. – Mr. Amit Gehlot, Director, Ambience Group.

    No task seems to be herculean to me and I know it’s real secret, Hatha yoga that I practice daily and my list of achievements is soaring much to my delight. Thank you Evolution Retreats for making me join the retreat. – Ms. Anna, CEO, Openeyes Project, Spain

    I keep a tab on upcoming retreats of Evolution Retreats as the location, the modules and pranic food they serve are beyond adulation- Mr. Jaideep Mishra, Economic Times.

    I and my wife were one of first few who attended Kriya Yoga retreat in Bandhavgarh. We never in our dreams had thought of the profundity with which it was delivered. We got to learn a lot and we could improve upon our health a lot. – Amitabh Singh ( ex. bureaucrat, Gov of India).

    It was a wonderful experience as I almost immediately experience relief in my back pain and the body opened up. I would like to do it again and again. –Joanne Wing Yan Chiu, China

    Yoga to take care of your energy aspect is like a fairy tale, but seeing it happen in front of you is like a dream. I was amazed by the way the programme was delivered and felt completely rejuvenated. Nurit Kurk, Israel.